Protecting Individuals, Events & Assets Globally

Over thirty years experience providing personal protection to HNW individuals, diplomatic personnel and commercial operations globally


Artemis (ISG) has worked with and supported some of the largest ”A” listed musical artists in the world through their promoters, arena and stadium management teams with the provision of our K-9 EDDT including Sir Elton John, Back Street Boys, Drake, Michael Bublé, The Eagles, Ariana Grande, Deep Purple, Metallica, Dua Lipa, and many more. We have managed the personal protection for the C-Suite Board members from several industries, including the Financial, IT, Pharmaceutical, Media, and many professional sports athletes.

Today’s threats to our operational security landscape primarily come from the following:

Natural, environmental and intentional acts of destruction Terrorism, physical attacks, ransomware, insider threat Political unrest, & espionage

Artemis (ISG) Provide Up To Date, Relevant Professional Security Consultancy Services Globally

Artemis (ISG) are an international, independently owned, Global Risk Management and Security Company, delivering threat mitigation solutions to each client, with personal protection, surveillance and intelligence operations. Artemis delivers Client Specific Security Risk-To-Threat Mitigation Solutions all over the globe backed by the experience, knowledge and integrity of the team.

Our Global Security Consultants Have Decades Of Experience


Following our initial meeting any potential client, we carry out a full risk assessment covering all aspects of the discussions held, and follow up with an official advisory document, outlining detailed proposals with an implementation strategy with recommendations and an appropriate solution, tailored to meet clients expectations.


Artemis Messaging

A secure, confidential, private and encrypted network. Artemis Messaging provides a Private network solution for easy man-to-man communication using smartphones and computers.
Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Artemis (ISG) believe the key to effective crisis management is preparation.
K9 Sniffer Dog

K9 Explosive Detection

The most effective and adaptive method for explosives detection
Travel Security | Artemis

Travel Security

Artemis ISG programs will educate your organisation to protect professionals traveling the globe and detect the warning signs of an incident before it occurs
Vulnerability Assessment Methodology | Atremis

Vulnerability Assessment Methodology

We have the resources to uncover where weaknesses and security gaps exist throughout your organisation
Threat and Vulnerability Assessments For HNW Individuals

Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

Close Personal Protection Corporate facility & event security management Tour security and advance security detail management
Physical Security for HNW Individuals

Physical Security

Close Personal Protection Corporate facility & event security management Tour security and advance security detail management
Security training


Artemis ISG & our Associates have extensive experience providing security training calibrated to each client’s needs, whatever their brief.


Physical surveillance & counter surveillance, covert operational services and cyber risk management.
Security Consultancy


We can help you create a robust security environment with services that include threat assessments, policy review and development, and master planning.

Artemis (ISG) Are An Independent International Provider Of Global Security Risk Management, Delivering Threat Mitigation Solutions To Each Client, With Personal Protection, Surveillance And Intelligence Operations

A Few Words About Us

Artemis (ISG) Limited is a private company founded by John F Clare in 2019, and supported by a professional group of individually skilled people from the private, military and policing background specialist units. The company was formed in response to a growing requirement in the international community to secure their employees, assets, and facilities of corporations pursuing business opportunities in high risk areas of the world.

The Board of Management Team comprises of both public and private sector professionals. These individuals are accomplished and proven in each of their respected areas of expertise, coming from both military and policing back-rounds. 

We operate using our proven methodology in the delivery of combined initiatives of teamwork, enhancing our core values of integrity, loyalty, confidentiality and moral ethical standards.
We utilise our experience and skills to combine for our clients the physical protection and reassurance they need to conduct their business throughout their personal private life and their international operational portfolio with minimum risk and a secure, focused security strategy implemented.

Our Strategy Is To Ensure Our Clients, Through Thorough In Depth Analysis

Our strategy is to ensure our clients, through thorough in depth analysis, that aligning their trust with our experience, they can operate effectively in their private and corporate affairs unobtrusively while we work diligently behind the scenes, with their personal protection, using up to date and live intelligence, supported with the latest integrated security technology, delivered to our operatives effectively. One of our objectives is to combat the increasing threats levels that are becoming more frequent from criminal activity and terrorist groups. We can reduce operational costs and increase productivity. Our team integrate the security planning with the clients operational team, and contribute to the long term strategy, for the security of personnel, assets and infrastructure.
Our motivation as a new company, is to understand the clients needs and expectations, and deliver to the highest standards, what is expected on each assignment. We understand the complexity of the identified potential risks, and have the capability to close those identified threats out.
Our expertise is in the protection of people and assets, and we understand that our clients face increasingly complex security concerns and we tailor our services to suit each client and their specific needs.

In Todays World, The Security Of Every One Of Us Is Linked To That Of Everyone Else

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