About Artemis ISG

Artemis (ISG) Limited is a private company founded by a professional group of individually skilled people from the private, military and government specialist units.

Our management team come from various military organisations and law enforcement agencies, who are experts in related operational disciplines such as risk management, threat response planning, cyber security, close protection, corporate security, residential security, travel safety, asset security logistics, crisis management, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, K9-Explosive Detection Dog Teams and mobile asset protection.

Artemis (ISG) Are An Independent International Provider Of Global Security Risk Management, Delivering Threat Mitigation Solutions To Each Client, With Personal Protection, Surveillance And Intelligence Operations

Our knowledge and insight translates into best practices and proven strategies that will help clients anticipate and respond to myriad facility, operational, and employee safety challenges with confidence. We have tremendous depth of knowledge, coupled with expertise and experience in many fields of security risk management and security procedures.

Clients can count on Artemis (ISG)for expert advice on the widest range of security services to manage organisational or individual risks. We have global experience with private clients and businesses in virtually every industry and provide a wide range of risk mitigation services.

Meet The Artemis Team

Artemis - John F Clare

John F Clare

John is the founder and Managing Director of Artemis (ISG) limited, formed in 2019, and with offices currently in Dublin, London and Manchester in the United Kingdom.

John has over twenty-five years operational experience in the area of personal protection and risk management, and has travelled globally with clients for the majority of that time, taking him to some extraordinary locations throughout the EMEA, ASIA, and APAC regions including Japan.

John’s role within the business is to manage the client portfolio, and all assigned operations, and work with each client personally to deliver the necessary planning and risk mitigation solutions for each project. Johns has had a successful business management acumen, spanning almost all of his career, working with international clients, and is able to understand the now fast paced private individuals demands for their personal safety and security and the commercial business environment that is now recovering as an operational brand and economically recovering from a global pandemic.

Clients have included HNWI’s, diplomatic personnel, and the CEO’s and C-Suite Board members from global multi-national brands from the Pharmaceutical, Financial, Communication, IT, Media, Social Media Platforms, Entertainment and Aviation sectors. Other clients have included touring management companies that manage security & risk management for “A” listed musical artists from the entertainment and sporting industry.

John has built up some very strong alliances in these regions, and the network that is used to support Artemis operations internationally is to a very high standard, delivered with full integrity and professional courtesy, across all levels and with respect for discretion for our clients.

John believes that…

the dynamics of the security industry is changing all the time, and the demand for competent, reliable and professional providers is growing, and we as a company at Artemis must keep up with the evolution of change within the industry and utilise the latest technology and methodology that will help us protect our assigned staff and clients representatives in all that we do as a partner to protect our client wherever they may be.

I would like to welcome on board to Artemis (ISG) Limited...

Anastasia Spiridonova (Ana)

Ana is very much the innovative element of Artemis, bringing modern cross-cultural ideas to the management team.

She is an avid polyglot and an experienced entrepreneur, having worked together with Mark on their first investigative business. Having studied Modern Languages at Stanford University, she is a fluent speaker of Russian, Spanish, French and English.

Additionally, she dedicated her final year to the study of Criminal Justice in partnership with the University of Oxford. Lastly (for now), she is currently obtaining her master’s degree in Entrepreneurship from UCL’s School of Management. She has worked at Director level in the security industry for several years and has been able to work with and learn from world-class security services providers due to her contacts in the industry. Ana has experience in building client relationships, business development and using her communication skills to manage stakeholders and provide value to clientele internationally.

She is passionate about the arts and is dedicated to protecting the businesses and individuals working in the industry. Being a young multicultural female, Ana is an advocate for cognitive diversity being key to complicated problem solving.

Anastasia Spiridonova
Mark Ward

Mark Ward (Mark)

Mark is a former British police detective who founded a crisis management and investigations business.

He utilises his experience in law enforcement combined with his business and private sector knowledge to manage risk for people in the High Profile and High Net Worth and Corporate worlds. During the covid lockdown of January 2021 he was approached by John Clare to assist with a pro-bono case.

Mark and John had known of each other for several years but had never worked together. John asked if Mark could use his business and network to help find the grave of the mother of an 83 year old, who had been born in Dublin in 1938 and never known anyone he was biologically related to. Mark and John set out on a quest together with the help of numerous other key people who gave up their time for free. It was an experience that would change their lives and form a deep friendship as they found the mothers grave and to everyone’s surprise a wonderful family in Wexford and a living sister who at almost 80 years old herself was thrilled to meet the brother she had not known existed. John’s friend was sadly to pass just a few months after finding his family but had answered many of the questions of his life in the last few months. 

When someone with John’s lifetime of experience of working with some the most famous bands in world asked Mark to join Artemis it was an easy decision. The creation of the international and UK business is a fitting legacy to their friend and a continuation of their journey together.

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