Artemis Messaging

A secure, confidential, private and encrypted network

Verified security that the user immediately will trust

Welcome to our newly branded Artemis Messaging communication solution, which has been certified in several NATO countries since 2006 and was the first communication solution for modern platforms to obtain a NATO approval for classified information. The security has been proven over more than 15 years in operation without any security breaches.

Private, controlled, and closed network with infrastructure fully on-premises

Artemis Messaging provides a Private network solution for easy man-to-man communication using smartphones and computers. The network is fully controlled by the system operator and only users issued with a user account can access it. There is no visibility of the network or its users to non-users, and each user has his/her own limited Private network.

The solution is installed on-premises with no cloud storage or other resources outside of the control of the organization.

User friendly

Artemis Messaging is made to be very user friendly, and no user training is necessary. Handling is comparable to consumer grade apps but with government grade security features. Any user can make calls, send messages and files in a matter of minutes after installing the app.

The contact lists are centrally managed and there is no need for each user to build up their own contact list; they are provided with the contacts they need. Each users’ contact list is entirely individual, and the user cannot see other users outside the defined contact list.

Contact lists can be changed centrally in seconds to enable new connections in a crisis or special situations.

Use of multiple devices

The users’ Artemis Messaging accounts are not linked to a particular device, only to the username and User token (Private Key). The users can log in to their account from any device after first importing the User token generated on the initial device. After the initial User token import, the users can seamlessly switch between their devices with all communication content available. The users can switch between mobile phones, tablets, and Windows computers with full access to data and features.

Only one device can be logged in at the time as logging in on a device automatically logs out the previously used device. This prevents access to the content on unattended devices and can be used to quickly disable access from a lost or stolen device by logging in to the account on another device.

What problems does Artemis Messaging solve?

  • You cannot trust the open IP network being used.
  • You do not really know who is on the other end of the conversation.
  • All content is stored on the device. Access to the device gives access to the full history of messages, calls and files.
  • You cannot trust that deleted messages are really gone.
  • Other uses can compromise you.
  • Logs can compromise you.

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