Travel Security

Protecting Professionals Traveling the Globe
Artemis ISG programs will educate your organisation to protect professionals traveling the globe and detect the warning signs of an incident before it occurs from a rich understanding of the information. In many regions of the world, terrorism and kidnapping is big business.

Corporate executives, managers and personnel have become the priority targets for terrorists, criminals and guerrilla forces. Incidents of kidnapping are significantly on the rise, particularly with the knowledge that many people who operate in high risk environments usually carry kidnap and ransom insurance policies.

We can provide a real time scalable travel security plan and escalation support procedures for your management team, and for senior executives in any location. We can deliver the course in any office environment, in most countries and in most languages utilising our local resources and international accredited partners.

Our international associates are based in cities across the United Kingdom, Europe, America, Asia, and the Middle East, and are experts in the field of international counter terrorism. We have collaborated with our international associates with the provision of our range of security management consultancy services, providing support in these regions. They understand how these groups operate, think and select vulnerable targets. They have worked with senior government officials, diplomats, royal family members and high net worth individuals on a range of assignments successfully. We can mitigate against the specific risk and threat of kidnapping that would lower exposure to this devastating crime.

We can provide specialist security awareness programs which would include the following:

  • Kidnap threat, risk & vulnerability assessment
  • Avoiding exposure to threat levels identified
  • Recognise hostile reconnaissance activities
  • Kidnap prevention exercises and prevention methods
  • Be familiar with the patterns and warning signs of a kidnap situation
  • Continuous assessment of potential threat levels when travelling
  • Continuous training on kidnap activation, response and escalation processes
  • Understanding the kidnap and ransom process
  • Kidnap negotiation process and scenario training
  • Hostile environment awareness training (HEAT) – Certified on completion
  • How a kidnap response team operates when escalation process is commenced


Extensive presentations to your security professionals, which can be shared and passed on through your organisation once the trainer has been authorised to present the content. We recommend open discussions with the employees responsible for travel security implementation and monitoring.

We review policies, make recommendations to strengthen and implement policy and procedures if and when necessary. During the planning stages of any travel project, we recommend that a regional security analysis be conducted, complete with current risk assessment to show the following:

  • Current government leadership and social activities
  • Disposition of political power and control
  • Criminal statistics and threat analysis
  • Military, police and private security force capabilities
  • Known threats to international operations and personnel
  • Country security threat assessment and threat level
  • Terrorist/criminal group profiles, locations and activities
  • Information on road/rail conditions
  • Condition of harbour and port facilities
  • Number and location of airports
  • Provision of medical facilities locations
  • Communications networks
  • Medical and personnel evacuation threat response plan

This information will determine what human and natural risks may impact on the project and clarify the budget required for the security element. Statistics have shown that in over fifty countries of the world, up to twenty percent of an operating budget can be consumed in security costs. Without proper planning or budgeting in the early stages, these costs can have a dramatic effect on a project’s bottom line. Our analysis can identify these risks and suggest options and costs for responding effectively.

If you need the services of a competent, experienced and flexible security risk operator, contact Artemis (ISG) and we will work with you to provide the necessary risk mitigation and protection you need.

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